paid money...did not do any work .very arrogant. no stability..kept on changing account managers.

I complained a number of times..no response. I find them dishonest and incompotent service with a big name. they have little concern for a client like me. they constantly try to push to buy bigger package.

some employees at this form are novices and should be doing something else. I do no feel it is worth the money they charge. they need to pay much more attention to what the client requests and needs. I know of other companies that left them.

they must change. they need to display more integrity in their work

Product or Service Mentioned: Reputation Defender Reputation Management Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You can add my name and experience. And they had the nerve to say they were going to automatically renew my account when they accomplished next to nothing.

I also had account managers switched.

In fact, one sent me an email entitled: Good News!

I thought it referred to my account but he was simply telling me that he was promoted and that I would be given a new account manager. I feel totally ripped off.


I totally agree and would be interested in starting a class auction lawsuit against this company. A rip off does not even begin to describe it.

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