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We paid $8k for them to remove one website with an untruthful review about us off of page one. Instead it moved higher on page one.

They claimed they couldn't do anything because it wasn't part of our package which was the complete opposite of what they told us when we contacted them initially to help us. This company is a complete joke. Just a bunch of sales people selling a shitty service. Classic boiler room.

Just look at there Google search they can't even knock down there own bad reviews. They should be embarrassed. How does the CEO still have a job. Also, our rep (Patrick) constantly used the classic excuse that he "didn't handle that" and always had to speak with the "engineers".

Sorry but its laughable.

Was does an account manager do then? Do not use this service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Reputation Defender Reputation Management Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Most of the time it is a waste of time and/or money to really worry about a perceived untruthful review by some *** on a website. Just get on with doing business and ignore them.

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