After consulting with Reputation Defender over negative listings, I decided to go with another company but started receiving RD's promotional emails. I had made great progress pushing the links down with the help of another company, but in only a few hours the negative links rocketed to page 1 shortly before receiving offers from Reputation Defender.

It took several months to rebuild my reputation, but then coinciding with each email from Reputation Defender, the negative links rocketed back to page 1. Coincidence? I have heard many others say the same thing, but I could not believe it until I experienced it. What they are apparently doing is programming an SEO to boost negative listings you provide to them to coincide with their marketing program. I do not have proof per se, but this is clearly a comment complaint with this company.

This has jeopardized my job and made all my efforts and expenses wasted. Many others have said the same thing. RD, you would make more money if you actually helped people instead of jeopardizing their livelihood.

To all others looking to hire this company: WARNING! Do not even consult with their reps about negative listings. They will use the negative listings against you to market their program, extort money, or otherwise justify the business need for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Reputation Defender Reputation Management Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I came online anticipating these kind of experiences. All too often the give away is the fact they are mass marketing and someone got a gimmick and found a way to make free money just pitching a sales.

They will create a problem they can solve and create a false image of following up their promises..

Its a lot like computer protection services that *** you then protect you from the very *** they set up. Nobody can prove it but the evidence lies in the surge of issues that werent there before you decided to stop paying em


They will also create negative reviews if you don't have any. I had to threaten to sue or file SEC complaint. It's a total scam.




What's your recommendation for the reliable, cost less company?

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