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Found this when I heard a radio ad for reputation defender the reputation.com company that works on fixing bad reviews online. Thing is the company you want to work with is profiledefenders.com not reputation.com.

There are tons of bad reviews about reputation.com in Tempe, Arizona and nothing but great reviews about their competition. Really shows who is good and who is not.

Also reputation.com is unable to permanently remove or delete negative or unwanted reviews that are posted online where as the profile defender team offers a guarantee to remove these unwanted posts. If you have heard the reputation defender advertisement on the radio and are currently reading this then know that the company to work with is not reputation.com.

Product or Service Mentioned: Reputation Defender Reputation Management Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Redwood City, California

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Hey Richart and David... get some cajones and learn a better marketing strategy. No wonder they're crushing you....!

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