My guess is that most victims are too embarrassed to write a negative review on this company (which now calls itself Reputation.com).

Sites such as yahoo and yelp along with the sites of the companies as well) are going to have negative reviews posted; they cannot be stopped.

From what I've seen, it seems a good portion of the negative reviews are well-deserved. but we have to remember that even the best of businesses are going to have some disgruntled customers. If a business serves tens of thousands of people, and there are 50 negative reviews. it's best to consider the proportion of negatives reported to business done. Also, however, we need to remember that for every positive or negative review people post there are many times that number of those who don't bother.

The best defense is to run your business honestly and make concerted efforts to provide excellent customer service. Should you find any negative comments, answer them in a credible fashion. Please refrain from the shopworn "We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction" or such comments.

Car dealerships seem to have a lot of complaints- heaven knows that the majority are probably well-founded. Repair shops, contractors, etc also tend to have these in large numbers. Hotels and motels have their fair share as well.

As far as positive comments are concerned, some are painfully obvious hokum.

I do realize, of course, that some business owners can be victims of unfair criticism; it's a shame that the Internet, which can do so much good, can do so much harm as well.

Location: Thousand Oaks, California

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There are good companies yes. There is another review on reputation.com that says to hire profile defender as they actually have ways to remove the entire page.


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Yes Reputation.com aka reputation defenders are no good but there are good firms out there. They just dont happen to be one of them.


If they were really good they'd have deleted your comment.

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